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Nate's Specialty Training Seminars

In addition to Nomos's Flagship Seminars, Nate also leads sessions that are designed specifically for individuals in the biomedical and social science professions. Whether you work in a clinical or research environment, these seminars will help you to gain an understanding of the ethical dimensions of your work and the confidence to handle the ethical problems that you encounter. Email Nate to schedule a training session today.

Ethics for Medical Professionals


This seminar is designed to assist medical professionals in recognizing and reflecting on ethical issues that arise in clinical practice. It begins with a discussion of the traditional principles of medical ethics (respect, beneficence, avoiding harm, and justice) and then helps participants to apply these to particular case studies. The course also includes significant portions dedicated to informed consent to treatment and to thinking carefully about factors, such as mental illness, that might undermine a patient’s ability to give valid consent. Finally, this seminar aims to help participants to see how attention to ethical values in clinical practice can help to increase professionalism in practitioners and to improve patient outcomes.

Ethics for Researchers


This seminar is designed for researchers whose work involves human subjects. It focuses primarily on ethical problems relating to informed consent in research subjects as well as on assisting seminar participants in identifying and weighing the risks and benefits involved in human subject research. In addition, particular attention will be paid to cultural factors that bear on the ethical permissibility of research as well as ethical issues relating to subject privacy. 

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