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You try to be a good person. But the ethical problems you confront in your workplace are especially difficult. Not only are you making choices for yourself, you are making them for your organization as well. Your decisions affect many more people, and much more seriously. A decision that helps your staff can hurt your organization as a whole, and a decision that helps your organization can hurt your community. You want to do the right thing, but often it’s hard to tell what that is.

For the hard ethical choices you and your organization face, NOMOS Ethics & Policy is here. Our dedicated team of ethicists stands apart from other consulting firms in our training, experience, and commitment. NOMOS is wholly owned and operated by people who have dedicated their professional lives to ethics, with each of our principals and managers holding ethics-related doctorates, and all our consultants and instructors holding advanced degrees. In addition, our real-world focus is deeply ingrained: Our core team has presented to audiences at schools of medicine, business, and law, and worked with private sector, government, and non-profit organizations. As scholars, we draw from fields outside of ethics, like law, political science, economics, psychology, and neuroscience, to address our clients' needs.

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We are excited to help you improve every step of your decision-making process, from identifying ethical issues, to examining and evaluating options, to explaining your choices. Through written reports, in-person meetings, and telephone and video conferencing, we will ensure that you have the resources you need to make the most informed and ethical decisions possible. With the benefit of NOMOS consulting services, you and your organization’s stakeholders can rest assured that you have given ethical considerations the attention they deserve.

Some sample topics we are available to assist you with include—


  • Fiduciary duties

  • Corporate social responsibility


  • Transparency

  • Campaign contributions

Legal & Medical Professionals

  • Confidentiality

  • Conflicts of interest

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