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Our Story

Our founders met as graduate students at the Tulane University Department of Philosophy in New Orleans, Louisiana. After completing advanced coursework in ethics, holding fellowships through Tulane's Center for Ethics & Public Affairs, and receiving their doctoral degrees based on dissertations in ethics, they formed NOMOS Ethics & Policy, L3C, to provide clients with cutting-edge assistance with ethics and public policy issues.

How We're Different 


Unlike other firms offering assistance with ethical issues, our team members have devoted their careers to ethics research and teaching. All of our instructors and consultants hold advanced training in ethics.



Our founders have worked in the public and private sectors, and we understand the real world problems our clients face. As reflected in our founders' backgrounds and research, for us practical issues aren't secondary to theory.

As a low-profit limited liability company (L3C), our charitable mission is part of our very DNA. In contrast to other firms, we were founded with the explicit purpose of promoting ethical knowledge and decision-making. We are  a company uniquely committed to ethics, not maximizing our profits. 

Our Founders

Christopher Boom, JD, LLM, PhD


Co-Founder & Consultant

A lawyer by training, Chris's primary specialty is in legal ethics and policy, with a secondary specialty in global policy and business ethics.

Chris's scholarly work is focused on human rights and the rule of law, with his writings being selected to appear in journals including the Law and Development Review, and for presentation for audiences at the University of Cambridge Faculty of Law, among other places.

Alongside his work for NOMOS, Chris currently practices law through his firm, Boom Transnational Law, PLLC, and is a Visiting Scholar in the Tulane University Philosophy Department. Learn more by visiting Chris's professional homepage.

Thomas Mulligan, PhD

FullSize_mulligan (1).jpg


With a background in the United States government, Tom's primary specialty is in governmental policy and ethics, with a secondary specialty in business ethics. 

Tom's scholarly work is focused on economic justice and group decision-making, with his writings being selected to appear in journals including Social Theory and Practice, and for presentation for audiences at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business, among other places.  His book, Justice and the Meritocratic State, was published by Routledge in 2018.

Currently Tom works as a management consultant.  He is also a Visiting Scholar at Georgetown University's Institute for the Study of Markets and Ethics. Learn more by visiting Tom's professional homepage. 

Nathan Stout, 


Stout, Nathan, PhD, 2.jpg

Co-Founder & Consultant

Currently Postdoctoral Fellow at the Tulane University School of Medicine's Program in Medical Ethics and Human Values, Nate's primary specialty is in biomedical ethics, with a secondary specialty in military ethics.

Nate's scholarly work is focused on moral agency and responsibility, with his writings being selected to appear in journals including Review of Philosophy and Psychology, and for presentation for audiences at the University of Michigan-Flint Center for Cognition and Neuroethics. among other places.

Learn more by visiting Nate's professional homepage

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